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Katie C Is A Robot

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This afternoon, I was personally selected to write for LinkedIn. Well, I say 'personally' but we all know this is not true because Katie C is a robot.

Katie C sent me a DM through LinkedIn to notify me that, if my expertise is deemed worthy enough, I could win a badge. Ooooooooooooh! A DM that, incidentally, couldn't be replied to in order to request an opt-out of such notifications. Because Katie C is a robot.

LinkedIn selected me to receive an invite that encouraged me to add value to their platform by writing an article for free which, if deemed good enough, might win a badge. Am I a 5 year old and so cheaply bought? No. LinkedIn's DM arrived with all the class and exclusivity one associates with a 1970's invitation to enter the Readers Digest prize draw.

Katie C is a robot and LinkedIn is a socially engineered network and, to be honest, there is so much more value to be had from posting my thoughts, opinions and experiences on a platform of my own making - right here, on my website.

I like robots, don't get me wrong, I like Googlebot who I routinely welcome to my website to learn from me, to broker my thoughts, opinions and experiences in exchange for the opportunity of a clickthrough and some new business. Googlebot's not looking for exclusivity in this relationship and is happy to share. Unlike Katie C. Who is a robot.

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