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SEO Sorcery Unveiled

Today I asked ChatGPT to write some website copy about SEO in the style of William Shakespeare…

"Verily, behold the splendid realm of search,
Where countless souls traverse the digital sphere.
With eager hearts, they seek what they desire,
Yet find themselves entangled in a web of confusion.

But fear not, dear denizens of the web,
For we, a noble band of SEO wizards,
Doth offer aid in this tempestuous quest.
Our noble craft shall guide thy website's course.

With cunning words, we shall enchant thy site,
Forsooth, thy pages shall rank high and bright.
Through diligent research and strategy profound,
We shalt conquer the mighty Google's domain.

Keywords, thy companions in this endeavor,
Shall dance like sprites upon thy site's fair canvas.
Thy content, skillfully crafted and enriched,
Shall captivate the hearts of readers far and wide.

Link building, a bridge to a wondrous realm,
Shall connect thee to others of thy kind.
Through alliances forged with care and grace,
Thy website's influence shall surely soar.

Our fair SEO services, a boon to thee,
Shall unravel the mysteries of algorithms untamed.
Thy website's visibility, a radiant star,
Shall shine bright upon the vast expanse of the web.

So, if thou seeketh triumph in this digital age,
Rejoice! For we are here, thy loyal guides.
Together, we shalt conquer the realm of search,
And etch thy website's name in history's annals."

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