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As You Approach Launch

A website I'm building at the moment is approaching launch. This particular website has taken an awfully long time to get to this stage. This morning, I wrote, what I hope are, a few words of assurance and support for the website's project manager; so that the emerging website is presented the Board in the right way. It went a little something like this:

Websites are never (by definition) finished. Ever.

I started out as a printer - once you'd put ink on paper, there was no going back. Digital is different. You can always change things and there will always be more things to add.

When talking [with the Board] about the website, frame your discussion by talking about what the website's going to become, rather than what it is. Thinking it's done, thinking it's finished, leaves you with a website that looks old way before its time.

Let's keep in mind that what we're doing here is getting the website to a stage where it's launchable and is poised for growth.

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