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Garbage-In, Garbage-Out

In the previous post, we shared the website copy written by an AI. Our considered opinion is that this copy is good, very good. This website copy is good when you consider that AI copy may be incredibly useful when you lack the time, resources or inspiration to write for humans and robots.

However, somebody has to program the AI. Somebody has to direct it. Somebody, with a knowledge of the business that sits behind and is commissioning the website, has to tell the AI what to write. This is where you come in.

Driving-into work this morning I saw communication engineers working on a switchbox at the side of the road. The notion of spaghetti and control (or lack of it) came to mind and developed as I drove into work. I wrote the original post and, by so doing, had a meaningful input for the AI to work on.

Garbage-in, garbage-out. Give the AI something meaningful for it to get its teeth into and it can. The website copy written by the AI was both superb and valuable. Nevertheless, this AI copy was factual, restrained and straight-talking - this kind of copy will work beautifully when used as top-quality filler.

Will I be making more use of AI copy? Absolutely. Will an AI write great website copy without the need for top quality input? Absolutely not.

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