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We Asked An AI About The Event Horizon

Can a computer write decent copy for your website? In a word - yes. Here's the proof. However, before you get too carried away with the notion of never-again needing to write a brief for a creative copywriter, just be mindful that there's concept in IT. Garbage-in, garbage-out.

We asked an AI: IT professionals need for control and that event horizon where control spaghettifies

After thinking about IT for a while, here's what the AI responded with.

As an AI language model, I'm not sure I understand the exact meaning of your statement, so please allow me to interpret it in a broader sense.

IT professionals are responsible for managing complex technological systems, and their job requires them to ensure that these systems operate smoothly and efficiently. Control is a crucial aspect of their work, as they need to have a deep understanding of how these systems work and be able to take measures to ensure their stability.

However, there comes a point in every complex system where control becomes more challenging, and the system's behavior becomes unpredictable. This point is often referred to as the "event horizon," a metaphor borrowed from astrophysics to describe the point beyond which control is lost.

At this point, the system becomes so complex that the IT professionals responsible for managing it can no longer predict its behavior, and their ability to exert control is reduced. This can be a challenging and frustrating experience for IT professionals, as they may feel that they are no longer able to do their job effectively.

In some cases, this loss of control can result in what you refer to as "spaghettification," where the system's behavior becomes so chaotic and unpredictable that it is difficult to disentangle the various components that make it up.

Overall, IT professionals need to balance their need for control with an awareness of the limitations of their knowledge and expertise. They must be able to recognize when they are approaching the event horizon and take appropriate measures to mitigate the risks associated with losing control.

What can we conclude about AI copy?

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