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Thirteen Year Throwback

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I was completely on-edge this afternoon after being given a USB memory stick. Nothing unusual in that except that inserting one into a work computer is a complete cyber-security crisis waiting to happen.

Instead of rejecting the stick, I figured-out it might be an idea to create a safe sandbox environment for opening the USB drive. So I booted a Windows 7 PC to lift the 35MB scan and Dropbox the file for download on a work machine that was about 10cm or so away from the originating antique.

Delighted to say that the file passed security and is now being used in the design of a Customer's website. But, before shutting down, I took the time to have a look at our new website from 2023 on a Windows 7 machine circa 2010.

Our new website, I have to say, looks absolutely amazing on the 13 year old PC and browser combo. Proof, were any required of the importance of web standards and the elegance of HTML5.

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